Brenda M. Beck MS,CMHC
Clinical Therapist 
Specializing in Human Sexuality and Relationships
Individual, Family and Couples Counseling
Tobacco Intervention Instructor
Certified Professional Coach

Tobacco Certification Workshops for Health Professionals


                        Transforming Lives with Evidence-Based Practices

New to Salt Lake from Arizona; I have partnered with The University of Arizona, HealthCare Partnership offering three Tobacco Cessation Certification Workshops in Salt Lake City.  These workshops are for, but not limited to, counselors, health care advocates, registered nurses, physicans, public health officials, and anyone working within health and wellness related fields. 

      Be a Life Saver
              Tobacco Intervention Saves Lives
                                                         CME/CEU Credits

Presented by Brenda Beck, MS, CMHC
The University of Arizona HealthCare Partnership

Brenda received her Instructor training in Basic Skills for Medical and Allied Healthcare Professionals; Maternal and Child Health, and Tobacco Treatment Specialist through the HealthCare Partnership, University of Arizona.

Upon workshop completions, the participant will be able to:

*    Confidentially discuss the information on health consequences of tobacco use/dependence and how tobacco negatively impacts the health, safety, and quality of life.

* Recall and apply evidenced-based methods and techniques to perform a brief tobacco cessation intervention as a routine practice in the professional setting. 

*    Describe the relevant National, State and Community resources available to assist clients/patients, family or friends who use tobacco to abstain from continued use.  

A brief intervention (3-10 minutes) using the "Five A" model can raise a tobacco user's quit rate by 60%.  This reduces the risk of heart disease, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other tobacco-related illnesses. 

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Basic Tobacco Intervention Skills Workshop:

This certification workshop is an education component of the Arizona Tobacco Dependence Treatment Certification programs. The goal of the Basic Skills Certification is to disseminate tobacco use and dependence interventions as recommended by the United States Public Health Service - sponsored Clinical Practice Guidelines: Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: 2008 (Fiore et al., 2008) in which the evidence for treatments is summarized.

Workshop Length: 9am to 4pm one-day only
COST:  $350 / Deposit required: $200

Maternal and Child Health Basic Tobacco Intervention Skills Workshop:

The Basic Tobacco Intervention Skills for Maternal and Child Health Certification Program provides a solid foundation with which to understand tobacco dependence, tobacco dependence treatment, and the methods and techniques to deliver effective interventions to pregnant and postpartum women who use tobacco. Additionally, the program provides an opportunity to practice the skills necessary to perform low-intensity tobacco dependence treatment interventions. Intensive resource's are made available to each intervention recipient to foster a tobacco-free lifestyle.

Workshop Length: 9am to 4pm one-day only
COST:  $350 / Deposit required: $200

Tobacco Treatment Specialist Workshop:

Tobacco Treatment Specialist Prerequisites: 
1)     Successful Completion of Basic Tobacco Intervention Skills Workshop
2)     Successful completion of the Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification Online Learning Center Activities and exam.

The second part (face-to-face practicum) takes about 6 hours and is conducted in a small group format. Those certified as Tobacco Treatment Specialist are certified to conduct intensive tobacco treatment services within the structure of an existing program, as well as to act as a resource on tobacco cessation for other health and human service professionals. 

Workshop Length: 9am to 4pm one-day only
COST:  $400 / Deposit required: $200

For more information on Workshop dates please contact:
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The University of Arizona, HealthCare Partnership ( 


Brenda M. Beck MS, CHMC
Clinical Therapist
Tobacco  Intervention Instructor
Certified Professional Coach
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